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As Palikar Yapı, we offer consultancy services for your projects that are still in the planning stage. Starting from the idea stage to the development of the project, we will assist you with our expert team to provide technical and financial assistance with alternative service packages tailored to your needs.

Palikar Yapı Consulting treats its customers like a business partner and serves with this logic.


Sound insulation;

Noise pollution,
Speech intelligibility,
Eco-Echo Problems,
Confidentiality of Speech,
Impact noise, etc. isolation is very important in order to minimize the problems that occurs in both our work and social environments.
As Palikar Yapı acoustics consultancy, we help you with acoustic consultancy in all applications and productions to be made from the beginning to the end of your projects. In addition, in areas where insulation is missing or faulty, we develop solutions for the problems that arise as a result of preliminary analysis, and serve to optimize your working and living spaces with the right material to be used in the appropriate area.

Planning For Acoustic İnsulation

We offer different selections suitable for your needs; İn new buildings and buildings whose purpose of use is desired to be changed, a study is carried out which includes insulation solutions, suitable materials and application methods that we think for you in accordance with the project area. Together with this study, designs for the application and project are prepared and sent.

In case of mutual agreement on the prepared designs, you can assemble with our expert application team if you wish.

In addition, in your project-based works, materials and applications that will be used in building construction to provide sound insulation and acoustic values in accordance with the related regulation will be designed together with our Acoustic Specialist team with D1-Building Acoustics Expert Certificate.


You can get professional service according to the project we prepared with our application teams or as you want.

The choice of the material to be used, as well as the correct application is very important in terms of performance.

Our teams work carefully on this issue, ensuring that the application is delivered in an error-free, controlled and timely manner.

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