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You can prevent impact noises and vibrations by increasing the sound insulation between floors. By using suitable materials according the environment such as; Machinery, music studios, office & meeting room and living areas.

By insulating your space, you don’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors, also move freely in your environment.

Wall insulation is very important to ensure comfort and quiet. Today’s technologies, the tools we use and environmental noise are seriously affecting our social and business lives.

As Palikar Yapı Acoustics, you can examine our products produced for this purpose and consult us for any questions and ideas you may have.

Depending on the type of noise, different solutions are available to provide sound insulation.

The sound insulation to be applied on the ceiling should generally be suitable for the purpose of preventing airborne and vibration-induced sounds.

With the sound insulation of the ceiling you can prevent the sounds coming from your upper floor, you can work comfortably or enjoy the entertainment by preventing the spread of the sounds in your environment.

The Definition Of Sound

Sound is caused by mechanical vibrations spreading in waves. The level of sound is measured in decibels (dB). The vibrations of the sound waves in seconds are determined in ''Frequency'' (Hz) units of measurement.

What is Sound Insulation and Acoustics?

Sound Insulation and Acoustics are two different concepts. But the two are often confused with each other. Sound insulation deals with a single behavior of sound waves, while acoustic is concerned with three behaviors.

How Is Noise Control Provided?

Noise is generally defined as unwanted and disturbing sound, and could be caused by environmental reasons .By using the right products correctly, it is possible to eliminate this disturbance in an economical and high quality way.


To this day, we have delivered many projects on time and adhering to professional service principles.

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In many projects that we provide consultancy services, we helped at all stages from planning to implementation.

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Palikar Yapı Acoustics and Insulation İnd. & trade İnc. has been meeting the expectations of its customers with the successful systems it has developed since 2015. Due to our confidence, we support our clients during the product selection process and give consultancy about isolation, acoustics and their application. Palikar Yapı, which adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, gains an institutional dimension with the services it develops in the application field as well as product sales.

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