About Us

About Us

Quality, Dedication and Trust ...
Palikar Yapı Acoustics and Insulation İnd. & trade İnc. provides professional service in Istanbul / Ümraniye location for sound insulation and heat insulation. Palikar Yapı was founded on a qualified work platform with the aim of meeting all these and more with the users. Palikar Yapı, which blends the deep-rooted experiences of the past with the modern dynamics of the era, has taken customer satisfaction and dedication to service as a basis. Palikar's wide range of products includes acoustic sponges, barrier / barrier sponges, insulated carpets, rubber coatings, basotect and colored sponges, bondex, adhesives, fireproof mastics, tapes and more.

Innovative, Successful And Solution-Oriented...
Palikar Yapı Acoustics and Insulation İnd. & trade İnc. has been meeting the expectations of its customers with the successful systems it has developed since 2015. Due to our confidence, we support our clients during the product selection process and give consultancy about isolation, acoustics and their application. Palikar Yapı, which adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, gains an institutional dimension with the services it develops in the application field as well as product sales. Offering the best quality products at the most reasonable prices, Palikar Yapı continues its works as the leading name of its field with its expert staff and professional working principle. To add value to your space...

Our Vision

In line with the expectations of customers, not only in the selection of products, but also in the isolation and acoustics consultancy services we provide, to produce optimal solutions for the needs.

Our Mission

Using the Ideal product groups effectively, in the field of sound and heat insulation to always advance according to customer satisfaction.

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